TM UPS 8minutes runtime.
The Riello 10kVA/8kW Sentinel Dual TM UPS from Critical Power Supplies is an on-line double-conversion UPS with a built-in battery pack designed to give 8 minutes runtime at full load. The standard runtime can be extended using additional battery extension packs. Typical applications: medium-sized file servers, voice and data networks, comms cabinets and telecoms switches.

Sentinel Dual UPS can operate in Online, Economy, Smart Active and Emergency Modes as well as operating as a frequency converter. The UPS is a Tower and Rackmount Combo version with IEC320 output sockets and PowerShare and an easy to view LCD status panel providing a wealth of operating status information.

Sentinel Dual has a rear panel serial UPS Communications Interface (USB and serial) and facilities for slot-in communications card adapters

Riello Sentinel Dual 10kVA

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  • SKU SDL 10000 TM Rating: 10kVA/8kW Runtime: 8minutes at full load Dimensions: 2x(175Wx660Dx455Hmm - 660Dx4U) Technology: On-line UPS Format: Dual: Tower/Rack Nett Weight: 95Kg Standard Warranty: 24 months Communication: USB / DB9 with RS232 and contacts / Slot for communication interface Availability: In stock - call for delivery options.